LMC leverages its extensive network of brokers, owners, and investors to identify and source its deals.  Once a deal is secured, the firm then provides its investors an opportunity to invest with LMC in the deal.  In addition to providing clients investment opportunities for LMC deals, LMC can also help clients allocate capital for deals from other sponsors that focus on other product types or markets.


LMC provides consulting services to help clients with all of their analytical needs.  LMC’s consulting services include the following: assessing a market, analyzing market rent, positioning an asset, conducting due diligence, providing construction cost estimates, optimizing a real estate portfolio, and valuing a property.


LMC can represent a client on the buy or sale side of a transaction and can help source deals that meet the specific needs of a client.  LMC has licensed real estate brokers at its company and an extensive network of brokers serving the Los Angeles County markets.

Property Management

LMC has professional property managers, trusted maintenance and contractor relationships, and quality service for tenants and landlords.  We focus on running a well-maintained property while minimizing expenses and maximizing income for the landlord.


LMC conducts a detailed market analysis to determine the achievable rent for your property.  For marketing, LMC advertises your available units on numerous online platforms and through direct tenant outreach.  In addition, LMC performs tenant screening, credit review, and prepares all lease contracts.  Through the company’s marketing and leasing expertise, LMC minimizes vacancy and downtime and maximizes the profitability of your property.